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Our Vision

Currently, we disable between 30-50 scammer operations daily by providing evidence to the scammer’s phone carrier.  We need to scale up our current operation to 500 more operations daily in order to have any sort of effect.

Additionally, when our call-flooding tool is used on toll-free numbers, we cost the scammer approximately $50,000 daily.  This translates to over $18 million dollars coming back into the U.S. economy.  We plan to expand our operation so that there is no less than $9 Billion coming back into the U.S. economy.

Why $9 Billion?

Scammers scammed over $9 BILLION from Americans alone in 2017.   Global numbers are ultimately unknown.  With your help and the help of our partners we WILL reduce this epidemic to virtually zero dollars.  It CAN be done and we are proud to be part of an elite group of people to lead this fight.

With the development of an automated tool we have created, phone carriers are being notified via email in bulk with lists of scammer numbers for them to investigate and shut down.  You can join in this endeavor as well!

Join www.scammer.info to be part of a growing community set out to destroy all scammers.

Our Mission

Our mission is multi-faceted.  With the funding from certain businesses and high-ranking politicians, we are growing our operation to include numerous approaches.

  1. Our call-flooding tool will be soon used by hundreds of individuals around to world to flood and ultimately shut down any scammer operation.
  2. DDOS-ing a phone and computer system completely disables an operation for a considerable length of time.
  3. Planting viruses into scammer computers without the scammer’s knowledge is a growing process that we have perfected quite well.
  4. Getting the dirt on scammers, such as personal and sensitive information and forwarding such information to their social media contacts.
  5. Hacking their phone system and using their own phone system to make exceptionally expensive calls at the rate of $10-$20 per minute to phone numbers so as to bankrupt the scammer.
  6. Organizing the scambaiting community to be better focused on specific targets until the targets are destroyed.
  7.  We have enlisted the assistance of “cyber detectives” scouting out scammer identities and locations.  Armed with this information we can notify the authorities in the country of the scammer.  Our goal is to be part of mass arrests that result in the imprisonment of an entire call center and have all their equipment confiscated so that their operation cannot resume again at a future time.

…… and much more!

Our Goals

We will not stop until:

  1. We are auto-notifying at least 500 phone carriers daily with lists of proven scammer phone numbers.
  2. We have a staff to verify new numbers and follow up on closed operations.
  3. TV commercials have aired globally to educate the public regarding how scammers work and what types of phone calls to avoid.
  4. More Federal funding to expand our operation.  Currently, we are seeking $10,000 to scale up our current operation.
  5. Get this $9 Billion back into the U.S. economy.  This is accomplished by flooding toll-free numbers which are expensive for scammers to operate and maintain.
  6. We have the cooperation of over 20 phone companies.  When we report a phone number they immediately go to work to verify and then disable the scammer’s account.  There are a few that we will have to use ‘brute force’ to get their attention, but in time we will have the cooperation of ALL phone carriers so that there will no longer be any safe-havens for scammers to do their work.

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