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Currently, we disable 200+ scammer phone systems daily by destroying their telephones and also providing evidence to the scammer’s phone carrier.  We need to scale up and disrupt a minimum of 500 scammer operations daily in order to start causing the scamming industry to crumble.

Additionally, when our call-flooding tool is used on toll-free numbers, we cost the scammer approximately $4,000,000 daily.  This translates to over $1 billion dollars coming back into the U.S. economy annually.  We plan to expand our operation so that there is no less than $16 Billion coming back into the U.S. economy each year.

Why $16 Billion?

In 2017, Americans lost $16 billion of their hard-earned dollars to fraud, identity theft, and scams. Global numbers are ultimately unknown.  With your help and the help of our partners we CAN reduce this epidemic considerably.  It CAN be done and we are proud to be part of an elite group of people to lead this fight.

You can join in this endeavor as well!

How You Can Help

If you have a specific skill set you can offer us, let us know on our Live Chat.  Also, some folks insist on sending us a few dollars which we accept on our donate page.

What We Do

Our tasks are multi-faceted.  With the increase of volunteers from all over the world, we are growing our operation to include numerous approaches.  These include:

  1. Setting up more call-flooding servers to ultimately shut down more scammer operations.
  2. Exploit network vulnerabilities in the scammer’s systems.  By accessing files that contain information about who they have victimized in the past, and who they intend to target in the near future (knows as “sucker lists”), we inflict the greatest damage possible…. on a victim level.
  3. “Getting the dirt” on the personal lives of scammers, such as personal and sensitive information (pictures, files, audio and web cam feeds) and forwarding such information to their social media contacts, and post them across various websites.
  4. Infiltrating their phone system and using it to make exceptionally expensive calls at the rate of $100-$200 per minute to phone numbers to quickly deplete the scammer’s funds.  Additionally, we often change the scammer’s phone greeting, menu or voicemail message to warn potential victims who call in.
  5. Working with various anti-scammer communities to be better focused on specific targets until the targets are destroyed.
  6. Using “cyber detectives” to scout out scammer identities and locations.  With this information we can notify the authorities in the country of the scammer.  We hope to be part of mass arrests that result in the imprisonment of entire call centers.
  7. Researching how to initiate lawsuits against unresponsive phone companies, such as Onvoy.  We cannot be ignored when we report scammer activity to them, along with evidence that scammers are using their phone services to drain people’s entire life’s savings.
  8. Educate people through phone messaging.  Once people are educated how to identify a scammer then the scammer’s revenue source will naturally dry up.
  9. Infiltrating their organizations.  With more and more scammers willing to work as “double-agents” for us we receive critical information on scammer operations necessary for destroying their operations.

…… and much more!

Our Goals

We will not stop until:

  1. Education!  The #1 solution to this problem is to simply educate the public. This form of necessary education includes making good use of phone messaging, TV, Radio, and Newspaper press releases.   This type of education needs to be designed to educate the public how scammers work and what types of phone calls to avoid.  Education is ultimately going to be one of the best defenses for crippling all scammer operations globally.
  2. We notify a minimum of 100 phone carriers daily with lists of verified scammer phone numbers.  We need to scale up our operation to report at least 10 times more scammer phone numbers.  You can help by following 3 simple steps laid out in our directory of abuse departments.
  3. We have a research staff to verify new scammer phone numbers.  It is a small group of 6 skilled individuals but by the end of the year we hope to have no less than 20 people in the researching team.  We also receive many phone numbers via our live chat and our “Report a Number” tool.
  4. Federal funding to expand our operation.  A Federal Grant would be nice and also go a long way in scaling up our organization!
  5. Get this $16 Billion back into the U.S. economy.  This is accomplished by flooding toll-free numbers which are expensive for scammers to have since every incoming phone call to a foreign scammer costs money for each incoming call.  At our current rate of flooding we are able to bring over $1 Billion back into the U.S. economy annually.
  6. We have the cooperation of over 120 VOIP phone companies.  When we report a phone number the phone company disables the scammer’s account that same day, in most cases.  There are a few that we may have to use ‘brute force’ (lawsuits) to get their attention, but in time we hope to have the cooperation of ALL phone carriers so that there will no longer be any safe-havens for scammers to do their dirty work.
  7. Expand to more scammer types.  We haven’t even started with Romance, Craig’s List, Pharmaceutical or Email/Nigerian scammers!  Our main focus currently is IRS, CRA, SSA, Microsoft, Amazon, and Windows Security scams.  This is due to a lack of qualified team members.  However, we are slowly growing, and with that growth we can take down more and more scammers.

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