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Call Flooding the Scammers

Nearing Completion!

We are excited to announce that we have developed the ultimate call flooding tool.  The “ScammerBlaster” program is currently going through significant refinements, however we continue to use the first generation of this amazing tool to destroy the phone system of numerous scammers daily!

In time, we will distribute this tool to anyone who wishes to join in the fight.  Stay tuned for more details!


Scammer Blaster Application

We are working on an amazing application for flooding.  Stay tuned for more info!

Calls Made


Dollars Ripped From India

$700+ Million

Scammers Removed



24 Hour Blasting

Our systems run non-stop. Scammers don't sleep, neither do we! Report a number to us and we will burn their phone system to the ground.


Turnkey Solution

We are constantly working to refine and improve our tactics. We will not stop until we are 100% refined.


Call monitoring

We monitor numerous websites where scammer numbers are posted. Our tools do a an auto-reverse look-up to identify the carrier. The carrier is notified about the scammer via email and the carrier typically shuts down the phone number within a few hours!


Flooding their Lines

Some carriers do not comply with our demands to close a scammer phone number. We go to step 2 of our efforts, which is to flood the phone system of the scammer so that they cannot make or receive phone calls. Additionally, their phone bill gets out of control and ultimately brings money back into the U.S. economy.