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Call Flooding the Scammers

Who we are, what we do

We are a group of people from around the world who break scammer’s phone systems.  By sending a high volume of calls to their call centers the scammer cannot make or receive any more phone calls.  This completely stops their operation dead in their tracks and runs up their phone bill hundreds of dollars per minute.

How we do it

Currently, we have 14 dedicated servers using specialized software to do the task.  By entering in a simple command we can attack a phone system with as much as 80 phone calls per second.

What we aren’t

We are not “internet vigilantes”.  We take the growing problem of scam activity quite seriously.  We are a corporation like any other corporation with income, expenditures, bank account, employees, attorney, etc.  Our systems are set up to do what agencies cannot do…. STOP SCAMMERS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.

Can I also break a scammer’s phone system?

Absolutely!  While you may not be able to flood their system with calls there is a more effective approach to the matter.  You can break any scammer’s phone system in an hour or so with just 5 minutes of your time.  REPORT THEM to their carrier!

  1.  Make sure the phone number work.
  2.  Look up the scammer’s phone company.
  3.  Send an email to the abuse dept of the scammer’s phone company.

That’s it!!  For looking up the scammer’s carrier and getting the abuse dept email read my article “The Ultimate Method of Scammer PayBack“.

Can I join the team?

In a way you can!  Use the “Report a Scammer” tool to submit phone numbers to us.  We will investigate the matter and go from there.


Stay tuned for more details!



TERRORIST ALERT!!  TollXChange, a telecommunications that also goes by the name of DIPVTEL is a TERRORIST organization and we can prove it!
In this time of crisis in the world, owner Ricky Keele is more than eager to commit domestic terrorism. HERE IS THE PROOF:

As of January 30th, 2020, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is now suing phone carriers for supplying phone services to scammers.  Check out this article:  Justice Dept Sues Telecoms

As of March 27th, 2020, the Department of Justic (DOJ) is now also going after Comet Media, BlueTone Communications and J2 (also known as TimeShift (, and others, for knowingly supplying phone services to scammers: Justice Dept Warns 9 Telecoms


We are officially now taking out greater than 200 scammers per day.  Thank you so much for reporting scammer information to us, we couldn’t do it without you!!

Please use the “Report a Scammer” tool at the top of the page to report scammer information to us.  If it is an urgent matter you can use our “Live Chat” widget at the bottom.

Inside a scam call centre

Inside a scam call centre


Scammer Blaster Updates

Recent Blog Post

Scammer Blaster Application

We are working on an amazing application for flooding.  Stay tuned for more info!

Calls Made


Dollars Ripped From India

$800+ Million

Scammers Removed



24 Hour Blasting

Our systems run non-stop. Scammers don't sleep, neither do we! Report a number to us and we will burn their phone system to the ground.


Turnkey Solution

We are constantly working to refine and improve our tactics. We will not stop until we are 100% refined.


Call monitoring

We monitor numerous websites where scammer numbers are posted. Our tools do a an auto-reverse look-up to identify the carrier. The carrier is notified about the scammer via email and the carrier typically shuts down the phone number within a few hours!


Flooding their Lines

Some carriers do not comply with our demands to close a scammer phone number. We go to step 2 of our efforts, which is to flood the phone system of the scammer so that they cannot make or receive phone calls. Additionally, their phone bill gets out of control and ultimately brings money back into the U.S. economy.