Scammers are so skilled at bullying people that many reports say they are able to scam hundreds of millions of dollars a year from Americans.  It is still beyond me, or any reasoning person, how they pull this off.  It is fun to call these people and waste their time, with the thought that the wasted time on them means a few less scammed people.  Not so!  These scamming agencies have dozens, perhaps upward to 100 people, working the phones.  That hour of time you wasted with them doesn’t mean that they would have scammed someone during that time.  The average scammer cons 1-2 per day.  Assuming they are working an 8 hour day, where does your hour of wasted time fall into their schedule?  Hmmmmm…..  I gave up on the time wasting effort, but it is fun to listen to people doing it.  They are called “Scam Baiters”.  There are a number of growing communities dedicated to Scam Baiting.  One of these claims to be the largest growing scam baiting community called 411eater.   One that I personally enjoy is the 24/7 Live Streaming Scam Baiting channel on YouTube.  If you enjoy their work they are eager to accept donations.  I’ve personally donated significant funds to this growing group of Scam Baiters.

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