Many of you have asked me how you can get MouseRecorder. The original developer places their program on a SoftPedia page filled with Malware, Grayware and a million click-bait options. That’s just a bunch of CRAP!

We are now hosting his program on our own server. You can download it here.

Is it illegal for us to distribute someone else’s program? Yep! So, while we are in the fighting mood come and get us GUNNER BARTELS!

What is MouseRecorder? You will read some references below regarding it. Quite simply, it is a slick program (with many bugs) for recording keyboard and mouse movements. When you are done recording, simply click “Play” and the program will ‘loop’ the recorded keyboard and mouse movements. This makes it possible for you to do your own call flooding while you are away from your computer. For the most part it will do what you need, but there are certain limitations and bugs that the developer has no interest in resolving. As a result, we have part of our crew making a BETTER mouse recorder program. Once it is completed we will post the article here.

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