Email, SMS, Social Media Flooding – THE WORK IS DONE

Ok, since we finished the call flooding tool I put “all hands on deck” to finalize this secondary tool.

It’s official…. we can completely DESTROY ANY SCAMMER COMPANY WE DESIRE with the click of a button!

Side note: Our call flooding tool is now capable of doing about 210 calls per minute from random phone numbers and random caller ID names. The gateway ID information is also now randomized. It CANNOT BE STOPPED.

I am pleased to announce that the tool works FAR BETTER than expected!!!

Email flooding – This was not only fun, but very easy. We can now flood any single email account with over 1,500 emails from random email addresses, “From” names, and IP addresses. The emails are guaranteed to go to the Inbox and they cannot be blocked.

Social Media Flooding – We can flood a social media account with a little over 1,200 postings per minute from random factitious social media accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. We are still working on LinkedIn and Google+, but likely by March 1st 2018 those features will be completed.

SMS Flooding – The results of this is….. oh my! We can flood a phone with over 3,000 SMS PER MINUTE!!! WOW!!!! Each SMS is from a random phone number and caller ID name. IT CANNOT BE STOPPED. I made the mistake of testing on my own phone. Gee what a mess. However, something very interesting happened. After 2 minutes the memory of the phone was completely filled up. Essentially, my phone was just a useless paperweight thereafter. Manually deleting all SMS’s would have taken days… and that was just with 2 minutes of flooding!!!!

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