Email Flooding, SMS Flooding, Social Media Flooding

Phone are naturally just ONE WAY to really hurt scammers.

EMAIL FLOODING: A few months ago it was brought to our attention that we should also consider flooding scammer’s email accounts with hundreds of emails per minute. This will bury any necessary emails for running day-to-day operations. The solution is to flood the scammer with hundreds of emails from random email addresses, from random IP addresses, with random names (like John Adams, Mary Poppins…. but less obvious, of course). The objective will be to shut down the scammer’s email accounts within a few hours since it will be physically impossible to review and delete hundreds of emails per minute, by our current estimation.

SMS Flooding: Surprisingly, we have been able to get the cell numbers of scammers!! How they could be so stupid to give that information out is beyond us, but if they think they have a likely victim, they will do anything to “close the sale” so-to-speak. In addition to call flooding, a separate tool will also do SMS flooding from RANDOM caller ID’s. It will be unstoppable!

Social Media Flooding: It has come to our attention that scammers use social media to recruit new trainees. By flooding these supposedly “secure” areas we can bring down scammers by flooding them with fake “I want to make money and work for you” style messages. This can easily be accomplished, by our estimation, at the rate of 200 postings per minute from random fictitious social media accounts.

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