The solution is to hit a scammer with a flood of phone calls, as many calls as their phone systems can handle.  In our testing, we have found that about 30 calls per minute is sufficient for clogging a scam agency’s phone lines.  In our tests we call, leave the line open so that the scammer can yell whatever it is they want to yell at us, while we “Park” the call and continue to flood their other lines.  This is all done with a single computer, using VOIP, multiple browser windows and a “keyboard mouse recorder” program to automate repetitive keyboard and mouse movements.  So far so good.  We can hit them pretty hard.

However, scammers aren’t stupid….. except for the horrible things they do.  They know how to block caller ID’s.  DUH!  Who doesn’t?  They aren’t going to make hundreds of millions of dollars a year only to be stopped by a call flooder!  No!  They simply block the number and away they go.  So, the solution is to call from different caller ID’s and to call flood them from random Caller ID’s.  Ok, that’s the solution, how do we implement such a method?  Working on it……

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