We are excited to announce that the work has begun for developing the ultimate call flooding tool.  The first step is to open a SIP/ Gateway so that we become essentially a “Phone Company”.  Your landline and cell phone are owned by someone, like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, MagicJack, etc.  With our Scammer Blaster application we need our own Gateway so that we do not have to answer to Sprint, Verizon and others.  This is necessary to make each phone call ‘free’.  Granted, nothing is truly free.  We need to set up a server and make sure it can handle the traffic load.  Servers cost money, and so does internet traffic (which is needed with working with SIPs and Gateways).  But it will be VIRTUALLY free, which is good enough for us, for now.  Cloud services are too finicky, and there is no such thing as a true Cloud server, in the way people generally think of such.

Anyways, we are now setting up the SIP / Gateway, and if all goes well we should have an early version of Scammer Blaster within the next month.  Standby for upcoming updates….

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