We are excited to announce that the work has begun for developing the ultimate call flooding tool.  The first step is to open a SIP/ Gateway so that we become essentially a “Phone Company”.  Your landline and cell phone are owned by someone, like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, MagicJack, etc.  With our Scammer Blaster application we need our own Gateway so that we do not have to answer to Sprint, Verizon and others.  This is necessary to make each phone call ‘free’.  Granted, nothing is truly free.  We need to set up a server and make sure it can handle the traffic load.  Servers cost money, and so does internet traffic (which is needed with working with SIPs and Gateways).  But it will be VIRTUALLY free, which is good enough for us, for now.  Cloud services are too finicky, and there is no such thing as a true Cloud server, in the way people generally think of such.

Anyways, we are now setting up the SIP / Gateway, and if all goes well we should have an early version of Scammer Blaster within the next month.  Standby for upcoming updates….


There are numerous resources to get phone numbers for scam baiting and call flooding.  Here are a few of our favorites:



Whether the scammer can or cannot block your calls there are some things you can do to harass them non-stop, even while you sleep!!

  1.  Set up a FireRTC account.  Use a functional throw-away email account to create it.  You can watch these basic instructions on YouTube for setting up a FireRTC account.
  2. Once you have setup your FireRTC account have fun manually calling scammers.  When they block your call simply go into the settings and change your Caller ID phone number.  Next, you will get greedy and realize you can double your efforts by having 2 browser tabs going at the same time.  Then it is follows you will get even more greedy and open 3 tabs.  You will keep getting greedy pasting in and calling the the scammer on many tabs until you realize that your browser/computer/WiFi connection can only handle so much.  Then you will close a tab or 2 to stay safely under the wire.
  3. It is important to note here that FireRTC supports the Scam Baiting community.  They are interested in hearing your ideas.  Also, if you get shut off by FireRTC for overuse of their program (hasn’t happened to us yet, but we have seen a throttle-back), then you can ask them to unlock your account so that you can resume your work.
  4. Remember, the fake number can’t be blocked for long since you can easily change it in the “Settings” in FireRTC.  NOTE:  For us, using Chrome seems to be best.  When you change your phone number you need to reload all your browsers.  Since Chrome doesn’t have a hotkey for reloading all tabs in a browser you can install a plugin that will do it with a single hotkey-command or point/click action (whichever you prefer).  But, if you don’t refresh all your tabs the old FireRTC number will persist.
  5. As time goes by, your greed will increase (don’t be offended, it happened to us).  You will eventually want to automate the process for you.  You can use a program like MouseRecorder to record your keyboard and mouse movements.  Then you can loop those movements over and over again.  This means yo can continue to Call Flood a scammer using FireRTC on multiple Chrome Tabs with MouseRecorder.  It is a POWERFUL combination.
  6. Once you understand the syntax of MouseRecorder you can go in and edit the values and slowly tweak the values until you are hitting a single scammer a good 20-30 times per minute easily.  Be patient, it takes time to get up to that speed and a good knowledge of MouseRecorder.  I would be happy to assist you if you need help.
  7. Repeat the same steps above on a second machine and with a second (different) FireRTC account.  You are now hitting the scammer with at least 40 times per minute, but likely close to 60 times per minute.  If you have dedicated computers and high-speed internet you can hit them with 80 calls per minute easily.

PROS – It’s free, it’s fun, you get scammers REALLY mad.

CONS – It takes some time to set up, but worth it.  You get some instant gratification as you build up to a professional level of hitting them.  Also, eventually SOME scammers will block the Caller ID “NAME” instead of just the Caller ID “PHONE NUMBER”.  Once the scammer blocks the ID name, then it doesn’t matter what phone number you change your Caller ID phone number to.  Not all scammers can block a name, but you will encounter some.

BETTER method for Call Flooding Scammers:

If you have a RingCentral account you can use it to call flood scammers.   If you don’t have one, stop here.  Instead use the steps outlined above.  It is very expensive to have a RingCentral (RC) account.  However, if you do have an RC account you can easily use the RC desktop app to call flood scammers.

  1. Install the RC desktop app.
  2. Install MouseRecorder.
  3. Program MouseRecorder to call the scammer.
  4. USE THE PARK feature in RingCentral.  This “parks the call”, essentially freeing up your line while you hold their line open with whatever annoying song or message you want played during that time.
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat.  When the scammer blocks your caller ID you can change it from within your RC account.  You can also change your Caller ID NAME, just in case the scammer blocks your name, instead of your number.   It is fun to have a name like “FBI” or “Donald Trump” or whatever.  Oftentimes scammers will acknowledge the funny name.

PROS:  It is the best way to change your caller ID name and number, since you can only change your caller ID number with FireRTC.  If you already have RC then it is also free!

CONS:   If you don’t have RingCentral then it probably isn’t worth it for you to set up an account just to nail scammers.  Also, you can’t open multiple browser tabs and make calls to scammers to flood them.  You can only call from one application on each machine.  This will slow down the call flooding fun, but not by much.


The solution is to hit a scammer with a flood of phone calls, as many calls as their phone systems can handle.  In our testing, we have found that about 30 calls per minute is sufficient for clogging a scam agency’s phone lines.  In our tests we call, leave the line open so that the scammer can yell whatever it is they want to yell at us, while we “Park” the call and continue to flood their other lines.  This is all done with a single computer, using VOIP, multiple browser windows and a “keyboard mouse recorder” program to automate repetitive keyboard and mouse movements.  So far so good.  We can hit them pretty hard.

However, scammers aren’t stupid….. except for the horrible things they do.  They know how to block caller ID’s.  DUH!  Who doesn’t?  They aren’t going to make hundreds of millions of dollars a year only to be stopped by a call flooder!  No!  They simply block the number and away they go.  So, the solution is to call from different caller ID’s and to call flood them from random Caller ID’s.  Ok, that’s the solution, how do we implement such a method?  Working on it……


Scammers are so skilled at bullying people that many reports say they are able to scam hundreds of millions of dollars a year from Americans.  It is still beyond me, or any reasoning person, how they pull this off.  It is fun to call these people and waste their time, with the thought that the wasted time on them means a few less scammed people.  Not so!  These scamming agencies have dozens, perhaps upward to 100 people, working the phones.  That hour of time you wasted with them doesn’t mean that they would have scammed someone during that time.  The average scammer cons 1-2 per day.  Assuming they are working an 8 hour day, where does your hour of wasted time fall into their schedule?  Hmmmmm…..  I gave up on the time wasting effort, but it is fun to listen to people doing it.  They are called “Scam Baiters”.  There are a number of growing communities dedicated to Scam Baiting.  One of these claims to be the largest growing scam baiting community called 411eater.   One that I personally enjoy is the 24/7 Live Streaming Scam Baiting channel on YouTube.  If you enjoy their work they are eager to accept donations.  I’ve personally donated significant funds to this growing group of Scam Baiters.


The solution to hitting scammers is not exactly an easy one.  If there were only…. say…. 5 of them, then nothing to it!!  But putting a process into place for hitting hundreds (if not thousands) of phone numbers is a daunting task.  WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!!  WE ARE COMING FOR YOU SCAMMERS!!!


It is unbelievable how many scams there are.  Unfortunately, they exist because scammers are trained to be VERY skilled at verbally overpowering the elderly and others that are a few brain cells short of a few brain cells.  Seriously?  Who REALLY falls for the Indian-accented “Hi, this is officer Jones with the IRS and you owe us $3,000 or we will have you arrested in 45 minutes.  Simply purchase a Wal-Mart gift card and all your problems go away.”  Oh!  Let me rush out to get one and pay you!!  How are we, as Americans, going to rise up against this evil force?  Well, help is on the way!!  It is time to hit back, and Scammer Blaster is going to do just that!  More details to come…..